Thirupathi (2006)

Directed by Perarasu
Produced by M. Saravanan, M. S. Guhan
Written by Perarasu
Starring ULTIMATE STAR Thala Ajith Kumar, Sadha, Riyaz Khan, Arun Pandian
Music by Bharathwaj


Ajith is a straight forward young man who leads a happy life with his parents and younger sister. He happens to meet the heroine Sada and both fall for one another. Ajith’s sister is pregnant and at the time of delivery, he takes her to a hospital. The doc there expects bribe but when it is not forthcoming, neglects his duty because of which Ajith’s sister dies. Ajith comes to know that this is not the first instance in the hospital and the doctor is none other than Riyaz Khan’s brother. When he goes out to get him, Riyaz Khan and his father do all that they can to protect this guy from Ajith. That is where the action part of the movie takes off…

Part 1

Part 2



NoN sTop TamiL nEw soNgs…