Vasantha Maligai (1973)

Starring Sivaji Ganesan,
Vanisri,, K.Balaji,, Sukumari,, Nagesh,, Pandhari Bai,, Sundarajan
Music by K. V. Mahadevan




Anand (Sivaji Ganesan) is a drinking alcoholic and he has a brother called Vijay(K.Balaji). Anand goes on an aeroplane from another country back to his home. An air hostess called Latha (Vanisri) is also aboard on the plane. After the plane lands, the film returns to Latha’s house. She has a father (Sundarajan), mother (Pandhari Bai), two brothers and a sister. Her elder brother has already married and his wife lives in the same house too. Latha is the person who is now earning as she is the eldest. They are a middle class family and her mother wants her to find another job as being air hostess means that she would come home late and it would be hard.Meanwhile, Anand celebrates his birthday in a pub like area near his house. Vanisri goes to the same pub for her job now and she has an interview with the manager. However, the manager is a bad person who shuts the room and tries to rape her. Anand hears Latha screaming from outside as he is going home, and pushes the door. He fights the manager and takes Latha in his car to her own house. The next day, Latha returns to Anand’s house with his coat that he gave her to wear and some money. She asks him for a job. He agrees and gives her a job as a person who takes care of his needs…





NoN sTop TamiL nEw soNgs…