Uthiri Pookal (1979)

Directed by J. Mahendran
Produced by Radha Balakrishnan
Written by Story: Puthumaipithan
Screenplay:, J. Mahendran
Starring Vijayan, Ashwini, Mathumalini, Sundaravadivelu, Sarath Babu
Music by Ilaiyaraaja


Sundaravadivelu(Vijayan) is the heir of a powerful family in that village. He has a family with a sick wife and two kids. Besides having a good wife,he allegedly wants to marry the sister of his wife threatening his father-in-law. He forces him to marry his younger daughter so that he (Sundaravadivelu) will take care of all his debts. In the due course, his sister-in-law falls in love with a school teacher who comes to work in Sundaravadivelu’s school.At some point, Sundaravadivelu’s wife dies of illness and he marries another girl. But during the first day of the marriage of his sister-in-law,he molests her in his house when she arrives there to get his permission to carry his two kids with her after the marriage…